Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Protection Of Your
Business Interests

Personal relationships are not the only casualty of divorce. Professional partnerships come to an end after a husband and wife open, build and operate a business. Rarely do those types of associations continue following a marital dissolution.

Few assets subject to property division are as valuable as a successful business enjoying a significant revenue stream that comes from a lengthy history, positive image and loyal customers. Whether you or your spouse owns a business or both of you are partners in an enterprise, you need a Sacramento family lawyer who can facilitate valuation.

Business Valuation

Taking Control Of Your Future
When Things Seem Uncontrollable

At my California law office, Judy L. Ford Attorney at Law, I team with financial experts to facilitate the process of business valuation. Tangible business property includes inventory and equipment. Intangible property of equal value encompasses intellectual property (trademarks and patents) and goodwill developed with customers.

My goal is to achieve fair and equitable division of all property.

Once completed, you and your spouse must agree to not only the value, but also the future of your business. Will you remain as partners, sell the business, sell your share of the company, or buy out your spouse? Regardless of your choice, you are in control of your professional and financial future during a time when your personal life feels chaotic and beyond your control.

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