Family Law

Family Law

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Family Law Counsel

Family law disputes have the potential to affect you for years to come – get the right advice to start with.

I am Judy L. Ford, a family law attorney in Sacramento, California. I am not distracted by real estate or other cases or transactions. Because I only work with individuals facing some kind of domestic upheaval or dispute, I bring clarity and a freshness of approach to every case.

I will probably have dealt with similar issues to those faced by you and your family before. This helps me devise the best strategy for you – but I never forget that, for you, the only case that really matters is yours.

Family Areas

What I Can Do For You

I help people in difficult family situations. My work includes:

  • Divorce and separation – Contested and uncontested divorce in Sacramento and surrounding areas
  • Post-judgment motions – Modification and termination of spousal support
  • Child custody and child support disputes – Negotiated parenting plans and court representation in contested cases
  • Domestic violence – Physical, emotional and sexual abuse cases Family law mediation

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