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Family law is a branch of civil law pertaining to disputes among families. Divorce cases, child custody agreements, and protective orders are just a few of the legal matters settled in family court. Whether you are expecting to end your marriage in the near future and need legal counsel for property division or child custody negotiations or need legal guidance for filing post-judgment motions or family law mediation, Judy Ford Attorney at Law is available to help families in the Sacramento, California area.

Why Choose Attorney Judy Ford?

When you need legal representation for any kind of family law dispute, you need a compassionate and experienced attorney who can provide the personal attention your case deserves. Attorney Ford and her legal team are not distracted by cases outside of family law and dedicate the firm’s experience and resources to helping our clients handle their family law matters quickly and decisively.

Attorney Ford and her legal team are focused on providing comprehensive and compassionate legal counsel to our family law clients. When you need a Sacramento family law attorney to assist with divorce representation, child custody negotiations, or any other aspect of family law, you can expect responsive, clear communication with Attorney Ford and her legal team. You can also expect our legal team to put your family’s needs first because we understand how personal and how serious your family law matters are to you and your loved ones.

Family Law Services Offered

When you need to find a Sacramento family law attorney, it’s essential to find one that offers the type of representation you need for your situation. Judy Ford Attorney at Law and her experienced legal team have handled many family law matters successfully covering several types of legal services:

  • Divorce and separation. While the divorce laws of California are typically quite clear, there are countless issues that could potentially arise to complicate the ending of a marriage. California is a community property state, and disagreements over the division of property are some of the most common reasons for protracted divorce cases in the Sacramento area. Child custody negotiations are also understandably a hotly contested aspect of many divorces. Attorney Judy Ford and her team will work closely with clients to determine their best legal options in complex divorce and separation cases.
  • Post-judgment motions. Family law is unique in that it’s possible for those with established divorce agreements and other family law decrees to adjust these arrangements much easier than the complex appeals process for other areas of civil law and criminal law. Our team can help you assess your changing circumstances and recommend reasonable changes to an existing divorce decree, child support arrangement, child custody schedule, or spousal support rate in accordance with California law.
  • Child custody and child support disputes. One of the most challenging aspects of divorce in California is child custody. When a divorcing couple has children, the California court has a duty to rule in favor of the children’s best interests. Parents’ behavior, employment, living arrangements, and household services provided have a strong bearing on child custody negotiations, and the court will ultimately decide in favor of whatever arrangement benefits the children the most and presents the least disruption to their daily lives. Our team will help you navigate your child custody negotiations and help to ensure the best possible outcome for your children.
  • Domestic violence. California law takes domestic violence very seriously, and so does our firm. Judy Ford Attorney at Law can handle difficult family law cases involving physical, emotional, and sexual abuse allegations. Our team is extensively experienced in handling protective orders, restraining orders, and orders of injunctive relief. We also provide criminal defense services for those unfairly accused of domestic violence. It’s unfortunately uncommon for divorcing parents to use claims of domestic violence as leverage in child custody and child support negotiations, and we have the resources to fully investigate these claims and coordinate with the criminal justice system of Sacramento whenever necessary.
  • Family law mediation. In most cases, it’s in each divorcing spouse’s best interests to reach a divorce settlement without a trial through mediation, and family law mediation is also a helpful tool to many other family law disputes, from child custody to alimony negotiations. Our team can arrange family law mediation for your case that helps to streamline the legal process and minimize the financial impact of your legal services. During mediation, a divorcing couple or the parties involved in a family law dispute meet under the guidance of a court-appointed neutral mediator. The mediator’s job is to facilitate constructive, low-pressure negotiations between the parties involved in a family law matter.

When you choose Judy Ford Attorney at Law as your Sacramento family law attorney, you can rest assured we will thoroughly assess your situation and determine which legal options are most likely to provide the results you hope to see. We understand that family law matters are often complex, emotional, and uncertain for many people entering the family law system for the first time. Whether you have previous experience with family law matters or if you’re approaching a divorce or child custody negotiation for the very first time, we can help.

What to Expect With Your Family Law Matter in Sacramento

One of the most challenging aspects of family law is the fact that every case is entirely unique. As your Sacramento family law lawyer, you can expect Judy Ford Attorney at Law to bring a freshness of approach to every case handled. Our team understands that family law matters are each unique in their own way and that every family has its own story. We take a client-focused approach to get to know you and to fully assess your situation, your needs, and your expectations for your family law proceedings.

During your initial consultation with your Sacramento family law attorney, you will review the details of your situation and your goals. This may include how you expect a pending divorce to play out or what you hope to achieve in a child support negotiation. Your attorney will review your situation and provide you with an outline of what to expect from the forthcoming family court proceedings.

Mediation and negotiation are major parts of the family law system. Most divorce cases, child custody cases, disputes over property division, and other family law matters will start working toward resolutions at the negotiation table and only proceed to trial when negotiations fail to achieve a mutually agreeable result. Our team can provide comprehensive legal representation through all of your family law mediation sessions and negotiations with the other parties involved in your case.

While a settlement is typically preferable to a trial in most cases, our team understands that litigation isn’t always optional. Some family law matters will overlap with criminal cases and other civil cases, and reliable legal representation is of the utmost importance to anyone in such situations.

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We are fully prepared to represent our clients’ interests in court whenever necessary and believe in thorough and aggressive legal representation. If your family law matter goes to court, you can expect a fierce legal advocate on your side when you choose Judy Ford Attorney at Law as your Sacramento family law attorney. Contact our team today to arrange a consultation with an experienced Sacramento family law lawyer and learn more about your legal options.

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