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Co-parenting after divorce isn't always easy, but it's possible

In the midst of a tough divorce or even soon after one, a lot can be on a parent's mind. One thing it can be important to consider is how to make co-parenting work and create an environment where kids feel comfortable growing up in a situation where their parents are no longer married to each other.

8 Steps to modifying child custody orders in California

Child custody agreements are not permanent. In fact, the California courts recommend renegotiating portions of the parenting agreement every two to three years as the child’s needs change. If both parents agree to proposed changes they simply need to submit the revised agreement to the court for approval. Requests for modifications where parents do not agree are more challenging and require assistance from the court.

Mediation can be a better way

Throughout history, leaders have often discovered--often tragically--what the opposite of negotiation is. It's been said that when there's no negotiation, when there's no talking and when there's no agreement, then there's war. When it comes to your children, war is not what you want. You'll want to negotiate.


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