Many parents choose to stay together and not get divorced for the sake of the children. However, research shows that in some circumstances, there are several positive effects that divorce may have on children under certain conditions.

Happy Parents, Happy Child

In many cases, when the parents are happy, a child is happy as well. If both parents are happier as individuals following a divorce, instead of living a life of resignation and misery, the children will notice that, and be happier. When children have two parents who enjoy life and are not constantly arguing and screaming, children tend to fare better emotionally. Less stress translates into healthier children — both emotionally and physically. The relief of household tensions may cause children to fare better and boost their mental health overall.

Positive Effects on Education

Children do better academically after a divorce. A UCLA study determined that when children experience familial dysfunction on a daily basis, that after a divorce,   they actually perform better in school. The removal of constant stress, anxiety, and fear helps children relax and do better academically.

More Individual Time with Each Parent

In some cases, a divorce will allow the child to spend more quality time, with each parent. When a parent knows that they only have a limited amount of time to spend with their child, they will do everything they can to make that time matter. Additionally, in some cases, the parents will proactively block out time to spend directly with each child. The quality and quantity of time between parents and children are often increased following a divorce.

Learning Adaptation

An important life skill is learning how to adapt, and children from divorce learn this skill early in life. Through transferring between households, learning the dynamics of two different homes, and learning how to navigate challenging situations, children of divorce learn that difficult challenges are not the end of the world. While no parent ever wants their child to go through challenging and difficult situations, the truth is that these crises are what make people stronger in the long run. Resiliency becomes stronger in children of divorce.

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