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Minimizing the financial impact of a divorce

Those who get divorced are 7 percent less likely to be able to maintain their lifestyle in retirement compared to those who don't divorce, according to a new study. Getting a divorce at age 50 or older could make it even harder to maintain a sufficient lifestyle in retirement. Although the divorce rate is stabilizing for California residents and Americans as a whole, it is increasing for those who are 50 and older.

A disability isn't enough to stop child support obligations

California residents who receive child support may need it to meet the best interests of their children. If a noncustodial parent becomes disabled, it could jeopardize his or her ability to make child support payments. However, if a parent receives disability benefits, it is likely that a portion of those payments will be garnished and given to the custodial parent.

Common mistakes made when divorcing

Divorce is a unique experience for individuals throughout California, but there are quite a few common mistakes a person can make when in the process of a divorce. When considering a divorce, there a few checklist items that should be avoided.

Parents can interact with children without having custody

If a parent in California is denied custody of his or her children, it is still possible for that parent to have visitation rights. Typically, a noncustodial parent is allowed to see a child on weekends or holidays. However, a visitation plan can be customized to meet a parent's needs and to ensure the best interests of the child are being met. A judge will likely prefer that parents come up with their own plan whenever possible.


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