Shifting roles within a marriage can lead to divorce

Traditional gender roles may play a part on the road to divorce for many couples in California. While many marriages begin on an equal footing in terms of household responsibilities and career advancement, many other couples assume that husbands and wives will follow traditional roles. While each type of marriage may be successful, shifting roles can cause uncomfortable change that could eventually lead to divorce.

One study by researchers in Sweden found that women whose careers suddenly took off after they started off their marriages not working or earning less than their husbands were more likely to divorce. It can be difficult for couples who started out with traditional gender roles to evolve their relationships as the women’s careers thrive. Wives who are more career focused may be able to pay for professional cleaning and child care, but the shift can be jarring when they earlier had spent most of their time in the home caring for the children. In addition, some husbands, particularly those in traditional marriages, feel that their careers are a particularly important source of identity, particularly as a family provider.

For men who fit this description, being replaced as the family breadwinner by their wives can be difficult to handle. Husbands can become controlling of their wives’ success in some cases; in other situations, they may back away from their own career but without picking up the slack in terms of household chores. Having an open discussion about careers, gender roles and the future can be particularly important not only before but throughout a marriage in order to deal with evolving changes positively.

Despite their best efforts, however, many couples find that they have grown apart over the years and that it is time to divorce. A family law attorney can provide counsel and representation to a divorcing person to advocate for a fair settlement on issues like asset division, child custody and spousal support.

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