How parents can help children deal with a divorce

When a California family breaks up, parents sometimes have trouble conducting themselves in a way that does not harm the children. If the divorce is or was not amicable, however, dealing with child custody issues can often be difficult for the parents. However, there are things that they can do that can help the children feel stable and loved even during a time of major transitions.

During a divorce, the children may have a number of fears and emotions that they may not feel like they can talk about with their parents. The parents in this situation can help the children with this transition phase by encouraging them to continue with their schooling and activities as they would normally. Parents should also be on the lookout for any symptoms that could be related to depression, self-blame or other negative emotions. If the children are having trouble with the situation, working with a therapist may help.

A major step that parents can take to help their children is to create a parenting plan. This plan can outline when the children see each parent, especially when it comes to holidays and vacations. It can also lay out the duties of each parent so that the children know what to expect.

Even if a divorce is amicable, dealing with child custody issues can be an emotionally challenging event. For parents who both want to be involved with the everyday lives of their children, having a parenting plan that allows them to have regular access to the children can allow relationships to remain strong and stable. A family law attorney may assist with drafting the plan to help ensure that a parent receives an appropriate amount of time with his or her children.

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