Co-parenting after divorce isn’t always easy, but it’s possible

In the midst of a tough divorce or even soon after one, a lot can be on a parent’s mind. One thing it can be important to consider is how to make co-parenting work and create an environment where kids feel comfortable growing up in a situation where their parents are no longer married to each other.

This consideration is also important because family court judges have expectations of divorcing parents, and considerate parents want to show the court that they can cooperate. Also of concern is that children of divorce can be adversely affected by parents’ ongoing battles.

With that, this post will focus on some tips parents may want to remember as they work to build a co-parenting relationship in the midst of a divorce.

Be respectful towards the other parent when talking to the kids  – They may not always tell you directly, but kids would rather not be in the middle of a power struggle between parents. So, be mindful of what you tell kids about the other parent and take care to avoid actions that could make kids feel like they are being forced to pick sides.

Be flexible – We all know that life can constantly throw us curveballs and force us to change plans unexpectedly. Co-parents should be flexible and considerate enough to understand when circumstances beyond the other parent’s control may be at play.

Remember that winning isn’t everything – A marriage may break down because each parent is focused or maintaining control or getting their way when they seek it. A successful co-parenting relationship cannot be based on “winning”. Parents who allow the concept of winning to seep into this may find that it can sabotage their relationships with their children and other important people in the kids’ life.

Family law attorneys can provide parents with guidance on what can be done within divorce proceedings to try to set the table for a strong co-parenting relationship in the future.

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