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Financial issues to consider in a divorce

When California couples decide to divorce, they will need to address a number of financial issues. For example, they may have to divide retirement accounts. In order to avoid having to pay taxes and penalties when the account is divided, a qualified domestic relations order might be necessary.

The various types of child custody arrangements

California parents who are getting a divorce will need to agree on a child custody and visitation arrangement. Otherwise, a judge will create one in the child's best interests. When making a decision, both physical and legal custody will need to be taken into account. While physical custody refers to where the children live, legal custody has to do with making choices about a child's education and general welfare.

Mediation can be a better way

Throughout history, leaders have often discovered--often tragically--what the opposite of negotiation is. It's been said that when there's no negotiation, when there's no talking and when there's no agreement, then there's war. When it comes to your children, war is not what you want. You'll want to negotiate.


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