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I established my firm, Judy L. Ford Attorney at Law, in 2006 to concentrate on the family law issues that matter to residents of Sacramento and neighboring Placer and Nevada counties. I represent my fellow Californians going through divorce, involved in child support and custody disputes, or who have been victimized by or falsely accused of domestic abuse.

About Judy Ford

Combining Experience
With Empathy

Before becoming a lawyer, I earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Specific courses and training equipped me with the empathy, ethics and communication skills. That past experience is essential in dealing with divorce issues and other sensitive and sometimes distressing family law disputes. I also have another degree in Business Administration, Finance. I deal with financial matters as a part of my work.

As my client, you will only deal with me. Your case is my responsibility alone. From the initial consultation to the outcome, I will energetically defend your position.

Collaborating With You
To Find The Best Resolution

I achieve the best results when I work with you in a team setting. As your lawyer, I actively listen to understand your needs and priorities and advise you on your options.

Whether your divorce is highly contested or less adversarial with minor disputes, I will find a workable solution.

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Clients Say

Judy Ford is very professional, knowledgeable, and she is tough in court. She represented us for almost a full year and not once were we ever treated poorly, unprofessionally, or like a bunch of bill folds. She became very close to our family and we really needed someone like her to represent us during a difficult and very stressful time. She was also very understanding of my worries and concerns, and she was reassuring. This helps a lot when you feel helpless during a fight… Judy was relentless in defending our family and was consistent 110% all the way through.

Cassie B.
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