"Judy Ford is very professional, knowledgeable, and she is tough in court. She represented us for almost a full year and not once were we ever treated poorly, unprofessionally, or like a bunch of bill folds. She became very close to our family and we really needed someone like her to represent us during a difficult and very stressful time. She was also very understanding of my worries and concerns, and she was reassuring. This helps a lot when you feel helpless during a fight... Judy was relentless in defending our family and was consistent 110% all the way through."
Cassie B.

"I was a single Father in a very difficult divorce. I was very overwhelmed with what was in front of me and at times I felt discouraged and Judy kept fighting on my behalf. I needed someone to fight for me and believe in me as I went through this court process and Judy was that someone. I trusted that her recommendations were based on what was best for me and my situation and not a financial one. Judy made every effort to accommodate my schedule and make me a top priority. She has been nothing but professional, knowledgeable and always responsive- a great family law attorney!"
Edward G.

"Judy ford is a awesome attorney! After getting divorced in 2009 and hiring 2 other attorneys and paying large retainers both times being disappointed and lost in a sea of paperwork and no one to guide me through it. I would call and get no call back. I was referred to Judy by a previous employer of mine who had great things to say about her service. He had used her to get custody of his kids. She not only worked with me every step of the way and always got back to me on any and all questions I had. She always was very fair on all her billings, giving me a lot of free advice and got me more custody than I ever thought possible based on my circumstances. She treats all her customers as she wants to be treated! She is amazing!"
Anthony C