Committed To Equitable Property Division

One of the more contentious aspects of divorce involves the division of property and debt. The end of a marriage creates an uncertain future. You want to make sure that you will have the assets necessary to continue your standard of living.

Protecting Your Post-Divorce Future

The valuable property both you and your spouse acquired during the marriage is considered community property. Your car, home (and its contents), bank accounts, pensions, 401k plans, and life insurance are subject to division under California law. Assets with significant value may include stocks and business and professional practices.

At my law firm, Judy L. Ford Attorney at Law, I will customize property and debt division strategies, focusing on the best possible outcome based on your needs and goals. In many cases, I am able to negotiate and draft agreements to be finalized. More disputed cases require representation in court.

Securing equitable property division is my goal. To achieve it, I team with forensic accountants and other experts to conduct a valuation of business assets and other high-value belongings. You need that level of dedication, diligence and attention to detail as you face the next chapter of your life.

Tailored Strategies To Achieve Your Goals

I am a results-driven lawyer, whether you and your spouse work together or I litigate on your behalf. For more information on property division and current laws governing the process, call my Sacramento law office at 916-900-1131 or contact me online.