Using Mediation To Resolve Deep Disagreements

Marriage comes with its fair share of conflict, just like any long-term relationship. Sometimes these conflicts can be resolved through informal conversations and compromises between spouses. But some disagreements run too deep to be solved without professional guidance.

At my law firm, Judy L. Ford Attorney at Law, in Sacramento, California, I offer mediation services to help you and your spouse reach a compromise to resolve the dispute at hand and preserve as much goodwill as possible so that disagreements in the future can be addressed in a similar way.

Seeking A Middle Ground Whenever Possible

I approach every mediation in a spirit of compromise and empathy. Even when the conflict has escalated to the point that you and your spouse would prefer not to be in the same room, I can facilitate communication between each party and explain the legal context around each message and every decision you must make.

Resolving a dispute can be emotionally draining — especially if you have children who are affected by it. That's why it's important to maintain an open line of communication in order to prevent negative emotions from needlessly building up.

Ultimately, a successful family law mediation process can save you both money and stress. Before taking more drastic steps or initiating a divorce, come to my office for an initial consultation and wee what your options are.

Maintain Communication With Professional Assistance

I am an experienced lawyer and mediator, committed to helping you reach a resolution that both reflects your immediate interests and is sustainable for the needs of your changing family. For more information on conflict resolution and mediation, call my Sacramento law office at 916-900-1131 or contact me online.