Legal Separation May Be Your Best Option

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Divorce is not the only option when you and your spouse decide to end your relationship. Legal separation can bring an equal sense of closure. Couples choose this path for a variety of practical and spiritual reasons. They need to stay on their spouse's insurance plan or their religious beliefs forbid divorce.

Helping You Take The Steps Necessary Toward Legal Separation

Legal separation in California is a legally binding contract. Like divorce, a formal legal process starts with a lawyer filing a petition and continues with decisions over the following:

  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Child support
  • Child custody disputes
  • Payment of living expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, taxes, health care and groceries)
  • Asset management
  • Division of property, including terms on how future assets will be split

In many cases, I draft and file formal agreements negotiated prior to appearing in court. However, more disputed separations are emotionally-charged and require a more aggressive approach.

The decisions you make in finding resolution to serious disagreements have consequences. You need to make good choices while protecting your interests.

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