Helping You Start The Next Chapter Of Your Life

Divorce is a highly complex process where you need an attorney at your side from the initial consultation to finalization of your marital dissolution. Contested or uncontested, you need legal representation. The end of your marriage forces you to make important decisions while looking out for the best interests of your children.

Emotions run high. Sound decision-making can become impaired.

Helping You Make Good Decisions For The Future

At my California law firm, Judy L. Ford Attorney at Law, I don't just help you get through the process. I help you survive a difficult time. I help you through the emotional and financial trauma that comes with the end of your marriage. One household becomes two, effectively doubling expenses. Children suddenly find themselves split between both residences.

Surviving divorce goes beyond legal representation. You need a team of professionals who attend to all of your short and long-term needs. An experienced attorney is vital to protect you and find resolution to your divorce. However, emotional and financial concerns also require equal attention from other experts.

The Numerous Benefits Of Having A Team Of Professionals On Your Side

I not only collaborate with counselors, but also CPAs, tax preparers and other financial professionals. One of the more common financial issues that arise involves the exemption for children in annual federal taxes.

Whether you and your ex have equal shared custody or one serves as the custodial parent, you need to clarify future filing to avoid potential problems with the IRS.

Call A Compassionate Divorce Lawyer To Get The Help You Need

Things may seem bad now. However, a light exists at the end of a long tunnel. At every step of the way, I will remain at your side, helping you overcome all the significant obstacles you face.

Steps toward surviving divorce starts by contacting my Sacramento law firm online or calling 916-900-1131.