A Focus On Family Law

If you are facing life-changing events that involve the end of your marriage, you may not know where to turn. The selection of an attorney is the first important decision you can make. You need legal counsel who not only knows the system, but will also get to know you.

You need my law firm, Judy L. Ford Attorney at Law.

Throughout Sacramento County, Placer County and the surrounding areas of California, I deal exclusively in family law disputes. Achieving the best results for you comes from close collaboration, whether I am preparing documents or resolving minor disputes.

Taking A Personal Stake In Your Case

As a longtime Sacramento divorce lawyer, I know how things here work. While the courts enforce the same laws, I understand the nuances of individual family court judges and how they apply the rules on property division, spousal support, child custody and other issues. Insight into these nuances helps me to prepare your case.

Placing your trust in me with your most personal affairs is an honor and a privilege that I will take seriously. My appreciation will show through my personalized approach to your divorce case while treating you with the respect you and your family deserve.