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You seek a family law attorney during some of life’s most stressful times. Whether your family’s circumstances are amicable or tumultuous, hopeful or dangerous, certain or uncertain, one thing is for sure—you need a dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled advocate to help you navigate this process. Attorney Judy Ford has focused her legal practice exclusively on family law for over 10 years. Each and every day, our time and energy are focused on helping our clients to craft the best solutions for their future as they deal with issues like asset division, spousal support, child custody, and child support.

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Taking a Personal Stake in Your Case

There is no other area of the law as deeply personal as family law. Going through a divorce and navigating issues like property division and child custody is almost always a deeply emotional and pivotal time in a person’s life. You need an advocate with whom you feel comfortable confiding in, but also one with the skill and knowledge to secure an outcome that will serve your best interests. Each case is unique, and Attorney Judy Ford takes a personalized approach to handling the needs of each client. When you or your children need protection, we will fight together. When your family seeks peace and cooperation, we will help you come to the table to achieve workable and equitable solutions.

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What Our
Clients Say

Judy Ford is very professional, knowledgeable, and she is tough in court. She represented us for almost a full year and not once were we ever treated poorly, unprofessionally, or like a bunch of bill folds. She became very close to our family and we really needed someone like her to represent us during a difficult and very stressful time. She was also very understanding of my worries and concerns, and she was reassuring. This helps a lot when you feel helpless during a fight… Judy was relentless in defending our family and was consistent 110% all the way through.

Cassie B.
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